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Looking For Resources To Help With Your Business, Social Media or Mindset? We have a bunch of Them For Free!

Here at Empire Building Masterclass we always look for ways to help entrepreneurial women. We are constantly producing new free resources that can help you to start & grow your business. Scroll down below (or click the button), to see what we put together for you.
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Free resources by the Girls Building Empires team.

Whether you are starting a business, redefining your brand, wish to be more productive or want to take your social media game to the next level - we have a free resource that can help you!

Monthly Planner

Get an original monthly planner that will help you stay productive.

Business idea Worksheet

Download a worksheet that will guide you through finding & perfecting your business idea.

IG Consistency Worksheet

IG growth is all about consistency. Use this worksheet to stay consistent! 

Thought Change Worksheet

Improve your mood and reduce your anxiety with this worksheet developed in collaboration with a licensed therapist! 

IG profile Audit Template

Take a page from our book (the people who grew their account to over 2 million followers) by following this guide to perfect your IG profile.

Brand Anatomy Template

What is your brand? This question is hard and can make or break your business. Use this template to answer it.

Self Care Planner

This self care planner is a simple, yet effective way to remind you to do things that are good for your body & mind.

Smart Goals Template

Unrealistic expectations and goals can be devastating if not met. Use this template to ensure goals you set for yourself are smart.

Business Planner

Stay on top of your business priorities in style. For free and without a paper trail (paper is bad for the planet - go digital).

The Ultimate Guide To Copywriting That Sells

A single skill that can literally take you from a broke woman to a millionaire in weeks if mastered: copywriting. Where to start? With this guide.

Smartphone Screensavers

Stay motivated by getting inspired every time you look at your smartphone screen with our beautiful @girlsbuildingempires screensavers!

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