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The Three Things That I Transformed In My Personal Life to Make More Money In My Business.

This is a guest post by our good friend and a fellow badass boss babe Lauren Eliz Love. She has built a million dollar business by helping women to empower themselves. She really knows her stuff, and here she shares a piece of her knowledge with you too.

I have heard this quote time and time again: "Business is a Spiritual Game."

For a long time, I kind of thought it was bullshit.

I spent the early days of growing my business lost in blog articles about how to beat the algorithm and spent so much time calculating the strategic moves of my business, that focusing on spirituality and inner work seemed like a waste of time.

Growing a business felt more like a game of chess: Take the next step, move here, conquer there. checkmate. Thank you, next.

But now on the other side of those "early days of business," I can clearly see how wrong I was: Business is totally a spiritual game. In fact, growing a business is really about growing yourself.

When I embraced the inner work and started to explore who I was; my fears and my personal resistances around business, everything in my financial reality started to shift.

I quickly went from someone who was pinching pennies at the grocery store and stalking pinterest for strategy tips to someone who was living in financial freedom, with a very large business.

To date, I've been able to retire my husband from his corporate job, buy my dream home, my favorite bright blue Jeep Wrangler and create a life with a ton of freedom.

When people ask me, "How I created success" the answer I give is always the same: I did the inner work.

Here are three things I changed in my personal life that transformed my business.

1. I got really honest with myself about my relationship with money.

Yes, we all want more dollars in the bank account but do we really actually feel aligned with receiving that? In the beginning of my business, asking for the sale felt like I was begging on a street corner. I believed in what I was doing and I was very aligned with the products I was offering, but to be honest, expecting people to pay me felt really uncomfortable. I felt guilty that I was taking someone's money and felt like I was that icky door to door sales man your mom made you ignore when the doorbell wrang. Every sales call, every potential customer conversation left me with a knot in my stomach. After a while, I started to recognize this pattern and I asked myself a question: What do I believe about money? What bad things do I think will happen if someone pays me? Asking these questions allowed me to realign with new beliefs about money and to change how I was showing up to receive it.

2. I looked at my fears around success.

To be honest, even though I wanted to be successful, in the early stages of my business I was deeply afraid of how my achievements would impact my relationships. Would my husband still love me if I was making more money than him? Would my family understand if I was traveling and spending more time working? Would my parents or siblings ask for money or judge me if I was wealthy? I had a lot of stories around what it meant to be successful and even though I wanted to "make it big," I was deeply afraid of the consequences it would have on my life. One day I got really honest with myself and I wrote down all the fears I had about the life on the other side: would people still love me? Would I be enough for my family? Would I lose my reputation as a caring and compassionate person and turn into a wealthy scrooge when I was successful? One by one I started to correct these beliefs and demolish those old stories. The results in my business were astronomical. When your success has a safe container to expand in, things grow rapidly. But when you are living in fear for what might happen if you make it big, you never grow to that size. Start to get really clear with your loved ones about what success will look like for you. Have the tough conversations now to make sure you feel safe to grow.

3. I became a leader and broke the old high school patterns of not being enough.

When I closed my eyes and imaged the successful version of me, I could see that she was leading thousands: an idea that felt super scary to me. "Me? A leader? What if people don't like me? What if I get so visible that I get a bunch of nasty trolls sliding into my DMs making fun of me?" When I started to get more visible on Facebook and inStagram, this came up a lot for me, and I almost self sabotaged my growth. I was afraid of being judged, afraid of being criticized and afraid of being bullied and not belonging like I felt in my childhood years growing up and being picked on. In order to be successful, I needed to really correct these old stories that told me leadership was a scary and unsafe place. I started to tell my inner child that it was safe to be seen and safe to show up and lead people. Slowly over time, the people started to show up and the business grew. When I became the leader, I manifested the community to lead.

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