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The 7 Best Insights From GBE Podcast Ep #05

Did you catch this week’s episode of the GBE podcast? It was full of gems...

We brought in Sandra Chuma - certified habits coach, entrepreneur & the founder of I Am Worthy - to talk all things habits and it’s safe to say we learnt a LOT in just 44 minutes...

Here are GBE’s top 7 takeaways from this eye-opening chat:

1) Whatever you have - or don’t have - in life is down to your habits

The moment Sandra heard this from a coach, was the moment she realized the power of habits... You can learn all the strategies and business hacks in the world, but at the end of the day, success comes down to the things you do everyday.

2) We need to move beyond the concept of ‘‘bad habits’’

So many of us hear the word ‘habit’ and immediately think of all the bad things we do like procrastinating or spending too much time on social media...But in its simplest form, habits are just the things we do repeatedly. We all have so many positive habits that we’re not even aware of that allow us to live better lives and focus our energies on the things that matter.

3) Habits are vital to your brain

Your brain processes so much information on a day-to-day basis that it needs to create habits in order to free up your mental capacity for other tasks. Creating a habit allows you to carry out that task subconsciously and with minimal effort - it’s your brain creating a bookmark so you remember how to do it again and again. Research estimates that 45-50% of what you do in a day is habit-based.

4) The most powerful habits are emotion-based, not time-based

We often hear about 30 days or 90 days being the optimal time period for creating a habit, but the truth is, the most powerful habits are simply those which create the most powerful emotional response. For example, anything that brings us pleasure (hint: ice cream!) creates an emotional response in the brain, causing the habit to wire almost immediately. But remember, the brain doesn’t know the difference between a good and bad habit...so it’s up to you to navigate and find the habits that serve you (and avoid the ones which don’t!)

5) If you want to sustain habits long-term, you need a powerful ‘’reason why’’

Because the most powerful habits are emotion-based, you need to be emotionally invested in the outcome of your habit (aka your goal) in order to see success. So long as you can keep that ‘’reason why’’ in the forefront of your mind, you’ll be able to stick to the habit. If you try and force or coerce yourself, it won’t work. 

6) Habits are as easy as ABC….

The best habits follow the ABC method:


Use something you already do to prompt your habit. E.g. If you wait 2 minutes for your coffee every morning, add 5 pushups to your routine while you wait. That way your morning coffee will become a prompt for your exercise goal.


Do the behavior, but start small - we often underestimate what we can achieve when we allow our habits to compound over time.


This is the part of habit-building that 99% of people overlook, but is so important to creating habits that stick. When you take the time to celebrate your wins, you release feel good hormones, telling your brain that the habit was something worth pursuing. Instead of beating yourself up for the habits that didn’t work out, take the time to celebrate the ones that did...

7) The key to reaching any goal is being intentional with your time

Carving out time every day to do the ONE thing that gets you closer to your goal is the best habit you can cultivate. Knowing the difference between the things that matter and the distractions = the first step to being intentional with your time.

These are just some of our favourite takeaways... but there’s so much more goodness in the episode itself!

To listen, head on over to the GBE podcast here:

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When you’re done, reach out on social and let us know - what landed most for you?



GBE xoxo

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