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The 5 Best Insights From GBE Podcast Ep #06

Did you catch this week’s episode of the GBE podcast? It was jam-packed full of juicy insights into all things social media, including Jess’ own journey from modelling, to influencing, to setting up her own podcast & creative agency.

Here are our top 5 favourite insights from the episode... 

1) Podcasts are a long game 

Jess spoke candidly about the first 2 years of the Whisky & Water podcast, which she runs with her friend and business partner Olivia. She explained how it took time to build their listenership and to make the podcast financially sustainable. Despite having a great product, production costs were high in those early days and it took time to scale. A key part of this process was going virtual after covid, rebranding, and niching down to serve a more specific audience. Bottom line? If you want instant gratification, don’t start a podcast. You’ve got to be patient, passionate and know who you serve and why.

2) When mixing business and friendship, knowing each other’s intentions is key

Jess and Olivia work well as friends and business partners because they always have each other’s best interests at heart, while still putting their business first. Jess believes the key to a healthy business relationship is removing ego, playing to each other’s strengths, and trust. When there are problems, hash them out quickly - don’t take things personally. And start slow - collaborate on smaller projects first and then grow together from there.

3) You only know you’re on the right career path in hindsight, so don’t worry too much in the moment

Jess stressed the importance of trusting in the direction you’re going, and following each small stepping stone that comes your way. This is how she turned modelling → into influencing → into starting her own creative agency. In hindsight, you’ll look back and realize it was all aligned, but in the moment you just need to be open to receiving opportunities and seeing where they take you.

4) Instagram is changing - people want to see your imperfect, raw, un-curated content

Yes Instagram is still a curated version of everyone’s best selves… but there’s also a growing number of people using the platform to show more of their imperfections - particularly on IG stories, which is where people go to get to know the real you. This trend has been driven in large part by platforms like TikTok, which is known for users’ organic, raw content.

Jess talked about putting this into action herself by not watching her own stories too much and trying to only record them once. ‘’Upload them and then forget about them’’. If she has a pimple that day, so be it. If she messes up her words, so be it. People want to see a human being so try not to pick yourself apart - none of us are really all that important when push comes to shove anyway.

5) Pinterest could be your secret weapon in 2021 if you want to become an influencer

Jess discussed how some of the best up and coming influencers in the space are those with their finger on the pulse of all the latest trends and who are actively creating content in response to these trends. And for a lot of these influencers, Pinterest is the go-to place to get their creative juices flowing. You can best leverage Pinterest by linking your Instagram account to your Pinterest profile, so any time someone views your content it acts as an ad for your Instagram as well.

These are just some of our favourite takeaways... but there’s so much more goodness in the episode itself!

To listen, head on over to the GBE podcast here:

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When you’re done, reach out on social and let us know - what landed most for you?



GBE xoxo

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