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Switching industries and creating success with TikTok Trend Queen, Wave Wyld

Wave Wyld is well known as being the Queen of Trend Alerts on TikTok, and is a TikTok Marketing Expert and Coach. Read on to learn how she ditched her old business to figure out TikTok and teach others how to grow a community and make sales.

GBE: For those who haven’t yet taken one of your amazing courses, tell our readers how you help people today.

WW: I help entrepreneurs, coaches, influencers and business owners leverage the power of TikTok to generate more leads and sales. I teach a community over virality approach. That just means you don’t need hundreds of thousands of followers to make money through TikTok or go viral to be successful. You just need to attract the right people to you. I have experienced this with clients countless times. I have many students and clients who are making money with less than 1K followers, building their email lists, growing communities, booking clients with less than 5 K followers. All because they attracted people who are interested in their content. This and selling techniques is what I teach in my “Ideal Follower Attraction Method.” It’s easy to get caught up in vanity metrics and numbers that make you feel good but don’t necessarily represent success. It’s way more important to stay focused on the numbers in your business rather than focusing on going viral. 

GBE: How long have you been an entrepreneur and where did you start?

WW: I’ve operated an online business for 2 years, pre-covid that was through personal brand photography and coaching. I launched my TikTok coaching business fulltime in July 2020. When I joined the app I saw very quickly how important it was to build a personal brand, and stand out. Coming from a personal branding background I knew I had strategies to help others grow their accounts. Very quickly I saw how the app could be used as another social media marketing tool. My big light bulb moment for a career pivot came in March 2020 after sharing my TikTok success stories with my Instagram community. I had so many questions about how to use TikTok from other business owners and that’s when I knew there’s demand for this knowledge and felt an alignment with knowing that I could confidently teach this and get results for people. 

GBE: How was it for you to switch gears from personal branding and dive into something completely new?

WW: It was actually really easy to make the switch because it was an alignment I never felt before. When it came to coaching for TikTok, I already had 1:1 coaching experience. I knew those skills would help me to be a good coach, the kind that asks the right questions and listens. I had the personal branding background, which was so applicable to marketing on TikTok. On top of that, I did the work to truly understand what people struggle with on the app. I spent the first 4 months honing my skills by doing 150 account reviews. This gave me the chance to learn about different niches on TikTok, see patterns in what people were challenged with, learn about the culture of the app and I got to speak to people 1:1 about what their pain points and struggles were. Then I worked on creatively coming up with strategies to solve them. Ultimately this experience gave me so much confidence in my abilities that it made it all easier to sell my services and be confident in putting out a worthy course that actually helps and gets results.

GBE: What was one of your biggest challenges when you started in business? 

WW: For many years when running a photography business I struggled with imposter syndrome and comparing myself to others. This really held me back, and ultimately, is why that business failed. I always felt like I lacked in my skills when seeing other people do great work. I always felt like a sham on photography jobs knowing it wasn’t something I really enjoyed doing, but did to make a paycheque. I was so critical of my work. It took years of mindset work and self-discovery to break through that. When I launched my current business I knew it wasn’t possible for those thoughts to hold me back anymore.

GBE: We love how you became a TikTok expert by studying it and immersing yourself with trial and error. Other than resourcefulness, what do you think is one of the key things you’ve done that’s helped you succeed in business?

WW: I love what I do so much that it doesn’t feel like work. I feel so blessed to finally do something that I feel aligned with because it’s taken a long time to get here! My personality traits and strengths also play into this success. I am very productive, determined and consistent. I love, I mean LOVE to make a to-do list and cross things off. I thrive on days where I do a 60 minute virtual presentation, five client calls, make content for TikTok and IG, answer a bunch of emails, and do a 60 min livestream all in one day. However at the same time I don’t promote hustle culture. I get immense satisfaction from doing and producing. There are also downsides to this too. I have days where it’s hard for me to stop working, get away from the screens and long hours sitting at my computer. I have to force myself to stick to a schedule that includes more work/life balance because I’ve had moments where I feel like I live on the edge of burnout. I’m also very in tune with that feeling from years of knowing myself. As soon as I feel like I’m on the edge I step back, take a social media break and take time off to rejuvenate.

GBE: We reach a lot of women who are inspired to have a business, but don’t yet have an idea what to do. What advice would you give to them to get started?

WW: Personality and strengths testing really helped me figure out what my zone of genius is. They also helped me learn about myself, and knowing yourself helps in so many different aspects of running a business. My personal favourites are Myers-Briggs and Clifton Strengths Test. 

Take time to self reflect. Answer a few questions such as: What are you curious about? What is your zone of genius, your superpower? What lights you up? What drains you of energy? What problems exist that you could solve? What industries are evolving and which are being democratized? 

To learn more from Wave and be part of her TikTok insider tips yourself, you can find her here:


Instagram: wavewyld

TikTok: wavewyld

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