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Member Highlight - Jasmine Deane, Founder and CEO of Jasmine Deane and Co.

Hello, beautiful souls!  My name is Jasmine Deane (IG @yourcoachjasmine) and I am the Founder/CEO of Jasmine Deane Coaching and Co! As a life coach and lifestyle influencer, I strive to create a community of holistic boss babes that are wealthy in mind, body, and spirit. I am so proud of my team as we were able to pivot our brand during Covid-19 to build our community and brand. Within NINE months, we’ve built our following to 8,000 followers and I’ve coached the most amazing women to level up into their 2.0 self!  When I first started life coaching and guiding women to unleash their inner confident, kick-ass, and authentic goddess I was not expecting to create such a powerful movement. One of the biggest points of my mission is to empower women to pursue their passions and dreams. There’s room for all of us at the table, so why not help each other out! Besides the first rule of abundance is to act abundantly and pay your gifts forward. So if you're ready to level up in lifestyle and mindset in order to live the life you’ve always desired, I’m your go-to gal and coach! So let me coach you and join my community! 

Tell us and our lovely readers what is it that you do? 

I am a life coach that guides women to empower themselves, live confidently, and create a lifestyle where they are able to level up as their 2.0 self. In fact I have been able to transform the lives of so many women virtually during this time of COVID-19. So how am I able to do this exactly?  As a certified NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and strategic life coach, I methodically strategize a game plan for my clients to follow as they break self sabotaging behaviors and limiting beliefs. I also encourage them to dig deeper into their passions and to explore new passions as well, because let’s be real! You have to have some fun in your life! In addition to that and to scale my business, I am launching a lifestyle and community called Jasmine and Co. where I will be launching a jewelry line and other pieces that enhance our holistic lifestyle. I absolutely love my job- creating a better future for my fellow sisters and inspiring others!

What is your story? How did you end up here?

So my story did not begin as a happy one I will say. I grew up as a very depressed and anxious girl that didn’t really know or experience true happiness until she learned how to live for herself. In college I decided to take matters into my own hands and create the life that I wanted. It definitely wasn’t easy, I made numerous mistakes, but it led me to studying psychology and ultimately meeting the most inspiring souls that saved my life. I originally went to college to become a psychologist but as I grew into a holistic lifestyle, eating, and living sustainably I decided to pivot my plans and become a holistic life coach to empower women sharing my own experiences.

This journey of becoming a life coach took 10 years! I originally started when I graduated college at the age of 20 but I failed due to lack of confidence and motivation. During this journey I have grown so much and I wouldn’t take back anything. At the age of 29, December 2019 to be exact, I decided to take action again and utilize all the experiences and education I had in order to become the best life coach I could be. Guess what? After giving it all that I could possibly give, within nine months I have scaled in my business tremendously, and I work for myself as an entrepreneur full-time! In addition, I am able to incorporate my lifestyle and collaborate with the most amazing souls. I wouldn’t change a thing!

So quick moral of the story: NEVER give up! It is OK to take a break, pivot your mindset, and reset but do not give up on your dreams! I always encourage my clients and audience to dedicate 90 days to their dream or goal. I promise you that your life and mindset will change. But I want to emphasize you must give it all you have or you will not receive results that you’re looking for as I experienced almost 10 years ago.

Do you have a “WHY” for why you do what you do?

My why and ultimate mission is to empower women because I never want anyone to feel the way that I did in my early 20s. I felt lost, that no one could understand me, and I had no game plan with my life. I always found myself in dead end relationships and seeking validation from others when the only person that needed to validate me was MYSELF. I also believe that is extremely important to uplift and collaborate with our fellow sisters in order to be successful and create a supportive system. In fact, that’s the main mission of Jasmine Coaching and Co.

What are your plans for the future?

I want Jasmine Coaching and Co. to inspire women all over the world, not just in the United States. I want people to immediately hear my name and think of the words empowerment and support!  I also plan to expand my brand into jewelry and other lifestyle pieces that we women use on a daily basis! I want to be the one stop shop for women to find support, love, guidance, and to become a holistic boss babe! We can have it all- we just have to truly believe that we deserve it. 

What is the best about being who you are? 

I absolutely love meeting and networking with women! I cannot tell you how many days I leave my office beaming from ear to ear from an inspirational conversation I had with a like-minded woman! In fact it’s helped me grow into being an extrovert! Fun fact- I was the quietest person you could ever encounter years ago. I can honestly say I have grown SO much as a woman being an entrepreneur!

What does your day look like? 

My daily routine changes on a day-to-day basis, which I absolutely love because that fits my personality! It really depends on what I have to get done.  For instance, some days I may be coaching clients or I could be a guest speaker at a conference. To be honest it makes me feel like a complete boss babe!

On days that I coach clients I strive to wake up around 6:30 AM to go for a run and give myself time to focus on myself. That can include meditating, journaling, reading one of my favorite books, or anything that fills my soul! After breakfast I go to the office, which is in my home, and start my coaching sessions. I strive to finish around 5 PM and take breaks in between to ground myself and decompress. One of the best things about being an entrepreneur is that I make my own schedule to be able to avoid burnout which was something I experienced working in the corporate world.

On the other hand when I have a guest speaking opportunity I just go with the flow. Before Covid I would travel often to speaking opportunities and I would always explore the city and just have fun! However, I’m not able to travel as much due to COVID-19 but when I have speaking opportunities in different cities I still try to explore, just safely.

I would like to add that I do make a point to write down three goals that I must accomplish throughout the day. Doing so helps me stay on task and focused, even with my relaxed lifestyle. The biggest thing is to create a schedule that works for you. For instance, I have friends that love sticking to a very strict schedule and that works for them. However, I am the complete opposite and I am more successful when I have a flow versus the latter.

What business-related tips and advice do you have for our readers? 

Oh my goodness, there are so many tips that I’d love to share but we’d be here all day. My biggest piece of advice that I share with my clients and fellow entrepreneurs is to just go for your dream! We don’t realize how much we hold ourselves back and talk ourselves out of things and it makes me really sad that we do that. I want you to know that it is OK to start messy and to explore your passions. I’m a huge believer that we have the ability to monetize our passions and inspire others...so go for it! Like, TODAY!

I also have a great community, jasmine & co. (@jasminedeane.co) where experts from entrepreneurship to relationships share advice on how to begin your journey of living your dream lifestyle if you’re looking for a great place to start!

What mindset advice do you have for our readers? 

Another piece of advice is ask for help or guidance when you need it. I used to think that I had to do everything alone and that I could only grow and scale my business by myself . Clearly, that wasn’t the case at all. In fact I started to scale my business significantly as soon as I invested in coaches and collaborated with my fellow boss babes! I’ve learned so much from the best people and I always encourage people to do the same. As the saying goes “ask and you shall receive!”.

You also joined one of our courses - which one? Why did you join it, and did it end up being helpful in any way? 

I did join one of your courses and I am so grateful that I did! I signed up to learn how to grow my Instagram and it was extremely helpful in teaching me how to network and find opportunities with the power of social media. I never realized that I could use Instagram as a source of building my community and essentially making an income. Now, I primarily use Instagram to reach my audience and clients due to your course. So I highly recommend it to anyone that is just starting in entrepreneurship and needs guidance!

We are sure our readers would love to check out your website and your social media. Maybe you even have some special offers that our readers can grab! 

If you’re ready to level up in mind, body, and spirit follow me on IG (@yourcoachjasmine) and my holistic boss babe community and shop, @jasminedeane.co! As I expand my brand I am excited to release jewelry, candles, and more lifestyle products that elevate our daily life. Each piece and product is cultivated with love and intention and I am SO excited to share it with you-so stay tuned!

I am always sharing advice and lifestyle coaching! Remember I am more than happy to answer your questions. If you want some more information beyond social media, head to my website jasminedeanecoaching.online to sign up for my email newsletters! You will get first access to my latest courses, launches, and beautiful products at Jasmine & Co. 

If you're ready to let go of limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging behaviors to live confidently, authentically, and with purpose book a FREE call with me! Thank you Girls Building Empires for doing a highlight on me! I am more than honored to share my journey with all of you. To whoever is reading this, don’t forget to check out their life changing online classes and sign up for the next one asap! I’m sending love and light! 

Sending you all the boss babe vibes! Remember if I can do it, so can you girl!

-Jasmine Deane, CEO of Jasmine Deane Coaching and Co. 

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