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Member Highlight - How Dina Scippa Realized She Is Enough (And how you can too!)

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Today, we are pleased to introduce Dina Scippai!

I'm Dina, CEO of Enough Labs, a coaching practice that empowers women to know their worth and live their most fulfilling life. I was first introduced to EBM when I joined their Empire Building Originals course, which has been super helpful with respect to understanding sales funnels and automation, the importance of branding and marketing and helping to grow my CEO mindset. I highly recommend the course for anyone starting out with their business!  Prior to starting the course, I’ve had 15 years of experience in the international development field as a gender equality and women’s empowerment specialist and would consider myself an expert in coaching women how to find confidence and happiness within themselves and know their worth from within. I'm about to share with you my journey on how I navigated my own battles with insecurity and self-doubt in my career to a self loving, confident and happy CEO.

One of the biggest things that I work on with clients who come to me for coaching is how to emerge from the vicious cycle of thinking that they are not good enough. For years, I allowed my inner critic to completely tear apart my self-esteem and usher me into a cycle of emotional beat up. I struggled for years feeling that I should be different than I was. I should be thinner, more talented, more confident, smarter, more disciplined. With these thoughts in tow, I navigated the world searching for any bit of evidence to validate my self-limiting beliefs. I was the judge and the jury; mired in a constant state of doubt with what felt like a lifetime sentence of self-criticism. In almost every facet, I obsessed over needing to demonstrate my value to others to prove my worthiness.

Despite feeling never enough on the inside; on the outside, I was someone who had all of the makings of what “together” looked like. I was ambitious, diligent, organized and always planning for how I was going to reach the next goal. Take for example my career path. Over the past 15 years, I have worked in the field of international development, specifically in advising projects on how to integrate gender equality and women’s empowerment. I spent years traversing each rung of the career ladder with late nights, grueling flights, and taking on more projects that I could feasibly do alone. And while my career afforded me these incredible opportunities for travel, to learn more about other cultures, and exposure to women and girls’ stories, I was experiencing serious burnout.

Not only was my burnout generated from the demands of my career, but I was exhausted by the chase for approval and validation. My career brought me a consistent adrenaline rush given its fast-paced nature with constant deadlines and more pressure; but I also realized my job was the perfect place to hide.  It was the thing I could control, manipulate even. Focusing on being the high performer looking to be recognized for her accomplishments was the perfect breeding ground to ignore the storm of chronic insecurity brewing inside.  The shame of not feeling good enough kept me trapped. I was wedged into an existence where I was constantly trying to hide my imperfections and insecurities by doing all of the things that would prove to the world I was somebody. Inside of this insidious chase to prove my self-worth to others, I was ignoring the only opinion that truly mattered – my own.  

In 2017, I finally reached a breaking point. I realized how tired I truly was.  I was getting ready to get on yet another plane for weeks of being on the road and something inside me just said – STOP. Breathe. Enough. I had been spinning for longer than I could even wrap my head around and I had become painfully aware of how much time I was wasting trying to prove my worth.
When I finally stayed still enough to hear my own thoughts, I was able to access the voice within that was actually clear about her own worth and value. I no longer had to be a prisoner to my shame and beat up, I could powerfully name my vulnerabilities, surround myself with people who would celebrate me, and recognize that my scars were actually signs of strength, resilience and beauty that I didn’t need to be ashamed of.  The voice inside me kept getting louder and louder. I finally heard the voice inside of me screaming: you are enough.  

This beautiful journey of self-discovery and transformation that I prioritized allowed me to both learn (and unlearn) so much about myself and the woman I am. I admit that I have been a box checker for years, checking off the accomplishments and roles I thought I was supposed to make happen:

degree ☑

dream job in my field of study ☑                  

experienced travel ☑

dutiful daughter and partner ☑

loyal and dedicated employee ☑

I never dreamed of embracing anything beyond what I was doing, and then slowly, things started to shift in me. I started to think more intentionally about what I really wanted from life. I knew that my work that took me across the world listening to stories of resilience from women and girls coupled with my own self-discovery journey had planted a mission inside of me.

In January 2020, I decided to take an enormous leap that would have me go against the direction my life had been going in. I couldn’t ignore the signs anymore. I had grown obsessed with understanding where the struggle to know you are enough actually comes from. I started researching girls’ confidence and the triggers that can erode their self-worth; and I learned that a girls’ confidence peaks at age 9. The data around confidence and self-esteem for adolescent girls is beyond disheartening. One day, young girls find themselves as gutsy, unafraid and bold. Then puberty arrives, confidence decreases, and suddenly, girls transform into unrecognizably timid, cautious, risk-averse versions of their former selves. The research I was doing hit me in a major way and got me thinking what broader implications this was having. I thought to myself: we are creating a generation of girls whose self-confidence peaks before they even reach double digits, having huge impacts on their potential and ultimately, our world. And I continued to think about it more and thought this epidemic of chronic insecurity was not just impacting girls, it was impacting women since low self-esteem and nagging self-doubt often remain through adulthood.

The more I read, the more frustrated I grew. The more I spoke to women asking how they saw themselves and how they related to the world, I knew more needed to be done to ensure that women and girls felt empowered. I knew that I wanted to create a space that would be supportive to women and girls to break this cycle so that they could choose to see themselves in their highest possibility.

And from that point, my company, Enough Labs, was borne out of a desire to do something in response to the disheartening research I was pouring over. Enough Labs is a coaching practice dedicated to supporting women and girls embrace the fundamental belief that they are enough. I work with both women and girls who struggle with not feeling like they are doing enough, being enough, or having enough in some area of your life. I specialize in empowerment, working with women and girls to develop an action plan to chase their goals, while embracing the undeniable feeling that they are enough - just as they are. And it starts with loving yourself exactly where you are and taking on a mindset that supports you to thrive.

I will be honest, navigating this new role as the CEO of my own coaching practice has been anything but easy. A normal day for me includes anything from curating the Enough Labs social media pages, to reaching out to prospective clients, to coming up with ideas for innovative partnerships with schools and youth organizations; to some of the less exciting but necessary tasks like sales funnels, automation and my own bookkeeping. But even the less exciting tasks keep me motivated as it’s all for a greater purpose.

I coach women and girls for a singular purpose — to one day see them embody their strongest sense of self by learning how to truly love and embrace who they uniquely are. My hope is that Enough Labs impacts the world by being bold and innovative in the ways our programs and workshops impact women and girls; so that their confidence and self-esteem continues to rise throughout the years.  Our work will take us where it needs to in order to access women and girls - whether that be through one-on-one coaching, workshops and retreats, virtual and in-person sessions, and through our online community. But the conversation needs to happen – and we need to get real about it. Let's face it - the world is in desperate need of confident changemakers.

My goal is to help people who choose to work with me enjoy freedom in enthusiastically accepting who they are because it all starts with the courage and confidence to create the life you love. I am passionate about the life-changing results that I have experienced myself and have poured that enthusiasm into the suite of Enough Labs service offerings that I have designed. If you want to feel more confident and experience yourself in limitless possibility, I am ready to talk to you! I work one-on-one with a limited number of powerful women who are ready for the life they dream about. If you are interested in working with me, e-mail me at hello@enoughlabs.com and reference the code “ENOUGH20” to apply a 20% discount to my Empowered You Signature Coaching Package.

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