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Leaving her career path to take a chance on her calling

We love sharing stories of women in different stages of the business building journey, and this is from one of our babes who launched her coaching business last July. It’s always fun to learn about what makes someone take the leap from the employee path to entrepreneur.

Read Karleigh Lindsay’s story on deciding to walk away from the career path she’d planned for to support women coming out of toxic relationships. 

GBE: Tell us about your business and when did you start it?

KL: I started my life coaching business in July 2021! I also have a travel business which I started in September 2021. 

My life coaching business is my pride and joy. I work with people 1 on 1 in my program “Illuminate the Path”, in which we identify the client’s vision, then establish action steps to help them get there. Along the way I provide motivation, encouragement, support, accountability, and psychology based insight. Also, on February 22, 2022, I will be launching my new group coaching program: Thriving after Surviving. This program is for women who have survived narcissistic abuse that are ready to end toxic relationship cycles. We will spend 9 weeks as a community rewiring our brains, taking our power back, identifying our trauma response relationship patterns, and healing our nervous system through a psychology based mind-body-spirit-soul approach. 

I started this program because I myself, despite being a strong-willed woman with a psychology degree, am a survivor of narcissistic abuse. When I realized the (now unnecessary) survival type/trauma response behaviors seeping into my current healthy relationship, I was inspired to create this program. Given my background in psychology, I knew that If other women were having this same issue, these behaviors would continue to perpetuate a toxic victim abuse cycle and make them prime candidates for abuse in their next relationship(s). I therefore created this program to be a community and a safe space to be guided through consciously healing from their traumatic experiences, taking their power back, and calling in what they truly want. 

GBE: What have been some of the most rewarding parts of creating it?

KL: Every step of the way my approach has been client centered and impact focused. When I brought in a licensed therapist to work with me on facilitating Thriving After Surviving, the program became even more transformative and valuable. It’s been really exciting for me to create a program unlike anything I’ve ever seen or been a part of. Every time any of my 1:1 clients make progress on creating their dream life, I’m so thrilled that I get to be a part of said progress. Entrepreneurship has been a very fun journey for me, as I’ve had to work through many of my fears and really put myself out there. It also is a role that allows me to honor my energy and make changes to accommodate my overarching goals such as traveling. 

GBE: What were you doing prior to starting your business?

KL: Prior to starting my business, I was making $11/hour as a medical scribe and applying to medical school, hoping to someday become a physician. In May/June 2021, I started to feel completely unmotivated toward pursuing medicine. I thought I was experiencing depression and started seeing my therapist again who suggested it may be anxiety. It wasn’t until an empowerment coach said to a group I was in, “desire is God showing you the path”, which got me thinking, “if I could have anything and everything I wanted, what would my dream life look like?” I realized that I wanted to travel, didn’t want to wait until I was an attending to do so, loved working from home, and still wanted to help people in a way that allowed me the freedom to create the life I really wanted, without sacrificing myself in the process. I tried to finish my medical school applications but it felt inauthentic answering essay questions for a career I was no longer excited about. So I went all in, learned to be a life coach, and started figuring out marketing mostly through trial and error in the first few months. Although my business was very slow growing at first, every time I got off a coaching call, I truly felt like I was walking in my purpose and making a difference on my terms, which kept me motivated to keep trying. 

GBE: You shared some of the twists and turns along the way to getting where you are now. What made you decide to go all in and become an entrepreneur?

KL: To me it just felt like there was no other way. If I was going to really go for a life I really wanted, I wanted it to be on my terms. I decided that medicine would always be there and I could change my mind at any time, but I had to at least try. 

GBE: There are a lot of women who are where you were a few steps back. They have the longing but not quite the courage to take the leap and start a business. What advice would you give them?

KL: Ask yourself what you really want. One of the best questions for finding your vision is “if I could do anything and be absolutely certain I would not fail, what would I do?” I also have a vision worksheet I routinely give to clients which I would be happy to share if any of your readers wants to DM me on Instagram at @LCKarleigh. 

Once you have your vision, start believing that it’s possible. Write down all of the beliefs that you need to have about yourself to do it, and start reading them every morning. Then take your goals and break them down into action steps using SMART goal setting (which means setting a deadline). If any of your readers would like assistance with this process, or want to discuss either of my programs, they can book a free clarity call at https://calendly.com/lckarleigh/claritycall. My Instagram DMs are always open as well! 

Lastly, if any of the readers on your blog are survivors of narcissistic abuse and are ready to take their power back, the application for Thriving after Surviving can be found here: https://forms.gle/Me8885LTt7KWFnaR7 

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