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How to Change Your Mindset and Embrace Your Positive Self

At some point, change occurs, whether we chose it or not. As it’s an important part of self-development, you need to realize when it happens and adapt to the process. 

Sometimes though, the change can only happen if we start the process. When we realize that growth is necessary, we need to start changing our mindsets in order to achieve and overcome the change.

How To Change Your Mindset

1.  Identify your counter-mindsets

In order to be able to change your mindset, you first need to identify what’s stopping you. You form a mindset from experiences, and sometimes you don’t realize how much a single event affected you. 

If a mindset is not providing the results you want, it can be called a counter-mindset. Think about what makes you doubt yourself, what makes you afraid of doing a certain and how to stop it. 

Even though we get thousands of thoughts every day, most of them are either negative or unproductive, and most times we are not even aware of them. By realizing when that happens and figuring out where they came from, we can see if they really affect us, or if they are just scenarios that may or may not happen. 

2. Understand why

With changing our mindsets, we also need to change our habits. Unfortunately, this is not an easy job. Most of our adult habits are the results of what we did as kids, and never really stopped along the way to analyze. 

In order to start being happy, you need to understand what’s stopping you from being happy. Maybe you feel stuck in a situation because you’re not sure if the other person will understand, or maybe as a child, you learned that you should keep your opinions to yourself.  By now, it’s not about what you were raised to believe, but about how you want your own life to be.

Try to write down all the ‘why’s.’ See where they come from and how you can work towards changing your mindset. 

3. Learn to meditate

Most of your negative thoughts can be worked on using meditation. When you are meditating, you’re supposed to empty your head and stop focusing on the bad side for a few moments.

Mindfulness doesn’t come easy and it won’t magically make all your bad thoughts disappear, but with enough practice, your mindset will improve greatly. 

In meditation, your focus needs to be on the way you breathe. The moment your attention shifts away, you need to realize where and resume your meditation session.

In order to successfully meditate, you need to find a very comfortable position where you can stay still for a few minutes. Focus on your breathing patterns without trying to control it. Think of where you feel it the most. In your nose? Your diaphragm? Keep your attention on that for a while. 

For a few minutes, keep your entire attention on your breath. Inhale and exhale while only focusing on that. 

After a while, your mind will start shifting away towards your worries. Maybe because you’re not very confident in this process and you’re thinking that you have more important things to do, or maybe you start thinking about bills, your kid’s school, the meeting you had with your boss or about having upset someone. 

You need to focus on the moment your mind starts shifting and work from there. 

4. Seek Fulfilment

There is a difference between fulfilment and happiness. You are happy after you did something nice, or received a bonus at work, but you are fulfilled when you know that your actions, mindset and habits are constantly driving you towards happiness. 

In life, you need to be fulfilled, not just happy, and it’s what keeps us humans going. It’s what gives us a reason, not the final destination. As long as you live your life to the fullest, you will automatically be happy. You will have special experiences, meet amazing people and see new mindsets and ideas. 

5. Make personal development a priority

Without a doubt, you need to take the time to work on yourself, for yourself. No matter what you do, you need to take the time to do what you like. Take a vacation, go hiking, meditate or go and buy that dress you want. 

Your life is about making and maintaining yourself happy and fulfilled. 

6. Give and Contribute

Humans are social beings and like to be part of communities. By giving something valuable to the community you live in, you develop this sense of contribution. Of course, you are the only one who knows what you want to be appreciated for, so you can start working from there. 

Maybe you want to start volunteering for orphanages and animal shelters, or maybe you want to be an important part of your community by organizing certain events. No matter how you want to do it, your new and improved mindset will benefit from these actions. 

7. Love yourself

Above everything else, you need to love yourself. With good, bad and imperfections. Loving yourself is not just about thinking about it, but about constantly doing what makes you happy and fulfilled. 

Doing all these things for yourself doesn’t make you selfish in any way. As long as you maintain a high level of happiness, you will be able to be involved in more actions for your family and community, creating a balance. 

Take at least a day for yourself every week and see what makes you happy and stand your ground. Rarely the people around us will respect our personal time, but you need to learn to say ‘no,’ and think about yourself for a change. 

You work hard, you deserve to have a day off from time to time, and you don’t have to feel bad about it. 

In order to successfully change your mindset and improve your life quality, you need to realize that everything in your life resumes to you. If you’re happy and fulfilled, then you don’t have any reason not to pursue everything you love. 

Use positive affirmations at all times and train your mindset to support and embrace more views, ideas and opinions, so you are in a constant learning process. Everything you do is for yourself, so start building from there!

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