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How to Beat Procrastination in 3 Simple Steps

Do you procrastinate?

You might as well say, “I breathe oxygen.” Girl, who doesn’t?

You’re probably already stressed about putting off what you know you need to do, so instead of bogging you down with tons of info (and further enabling your procrastination), here’s a simple breakdown of quick tips you can apply today.

1. Get clear.

Sit with your thoughts for a few minutes, and identify two things:

  • What keeps you stuck in procrastination?
  • What helps you make progress?

You might be saying, “Erm, if I knew how to make progress, I wouldn’t be reading this…”

Give yourself credit where it’s due, sis. You’ve come this far in life, sure you struggle with procrastinating in some areas, but you have other areas where you don’t. 

When your bestie asks to hang, do you put it off? Do you add her to the bottom of your to-do list, and anguish over the idea of meeting up with her?

No, of course not. You don’t do that when you love spending time with her.

So what makes that different for you? Why don’t you put off seeing her, when you struggle with putting off other things? Don’t gloss over this with a surface-level answer. Set a timer and take 10 minutes to write what comes to mind.

2. Trust yourself

Any strong, healthy relationship needs two essential things: trust and respect. Those two key traits apply to the relationship you have with yourself, too.

When you tell yourself, “I’ll start that tomorrow”, and then you don’t, it creates distrust and disrespect within. It hurts your relationship with yourself, and girl, that never helps.

What if your bestie said, “I’ll see you tomorrow!” and then she never showed? If she did it once, you might be confused at first, then maybe a little annoyed. 

What if it happened more than once? 

You’d stop trusting her. You might lose some respect too. And, you’d have to work to rebuild that healthy bond with her.

So don’t lie to yourself, don’t dishonor your own intentions. Maintain trust and respect by living in integrity with what’s best for you.

Now how to apply this to procrastinating…

2. Chill.

(Hehe.) Ok sis, you’re ambitious, and we freakin’ love that about you. We feel ya.

Sometimes when we procrastinate, it’s because we’re overwhelmed and we’re making the task bigger than it really is. We make drama about it. We might say, “I don’t know how” or “I don’t wanna!” 

Those thoughts are useless.

Build trust and respect within, and make progress, by doing it 1% at a time. 

A marathon is run one single step at a time. Each step further leads to the next mile marker. All the mile markers added up take you past the finish line.

Notice how everything around you is created 1% at a time. Trees, animals, humans, art, bread, books, etc.

Everything has a process over time. Be friends with time.

Now, take your goal task and write a list of incremental steps. Ask yourself, what would it look like to move forward just 1% today? Make the steps small and doable. 

Then, do your 1%.

When you follow through on this, you’ll start building self-trust again, and you’ll start to feel great about the progress you’re making. Which will excite you about making more progress.

Can I get a hell yeah?

If this whole empire building adventure is a journey, then procrastination is just a boulder in the middle of the path. Don’t let it slow you down more than it needs to. Learn from this, learn how to master getting around it so you can get past the next one more quickly.

You will. We believe in you babe. Get out there and do it :)

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