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How I Went From Being Bullied To Becoming A Founder of 3 Successful Businesses

I always wished I looked like someone else. 

I always wished I was loved better. I was bullied for 5 long years just because I belonged to a mixed-race. I felt out of place, unwanted and unloved.

How did this insecure, underconfident, self-critical, complacent, middle-class girl build a business empire that only keeps expanding? 

How did she become unstoppable even when she walked against the wind?

Not that I didn’t fall. Not that I didn’t quiver. 

There are times when I came down like a tumbleweed rolling down the hill in a desert.

There are times my feet went cold right under the scorching sun. You know what that means?

But I hung in there.

You’ll soon find out why :)

Success happens and then what?

Angolina receiving her nomination as Miss Australia 2014

While my oppressive peers were busy partying, I ran a graphic design business as a teenager. I was just 17.

In the meantime, an Australian photographer discovered me and that’s how my fashion modeling career began.

At the age of 18, I was learning how to pose, look into the camera, and becoming a confident model.

That’s how I got into modeling assignments and Miss Australia pageant walked in my doors.

I doubted my abilities.

Fear ate up my peace. I still went ahead and signed up for the pageant and you know what happened next?

I was crowned Miss Australia in 2014

I was overwhelmed with joy!

At the same time, I was worried. I was feeling sad and sorry for the others who didn’t win. I didn’t want them to hate me. I didn’t want grudges. 

Days passed and I questioned if I really deserved it. I questioned if all of it was really happening. All of this was just too much! I felt like a pressure cooker ready to explode because I didn’t know if I was living up to everyone’s expectations. I didn’t know if I was living up to the title I was handed over. And then, I ran away.

I was just 19.

And I escaped to Europe to bury my identity and the weight of my title in an unknown land. 

But then, this had to change. I couldn’t live like this forever.

That’s when I hopped continents again and this time - it wasn’t to hide. This time, I wanted to go live the life of my dreams with a crazy abundant lifestyle. 

One day, I woke up and told myself - I’m taking control. I want to be around people who inspire me. I want to be around people who won’t slow me down. I bought a plane ticket to LA and the rest is history.

Never stop dreaming..even if you’re failing

“Sometimes, you need to get out of your own way to grab opportunities faster”

Angolina on the convers of magazines all around the world

I’m in the middle of the land of dreams..but - with no job, no money, and no place to stay.

I bunked in my friend’s house for a month while I was looking for work opportunities.

Meanwhile, some great things happened. I got featured in Ok! Magazine and Cosmopolitan. Being right where I wanted gave me the wings to push my limits. I aimed bigger. I started my first e-commerce store while working as an art director.

If there was one thing that was missing in my life - it was stability. I was hopping places, cities, nations..heck! Continents!

Perfection repels success faster than the opposite poles

Yes, I felt like I was all over the place. But, then one thing accounted for everything I was missing - My Freedom. I had my freedom. I had my space to spread my wings as far as I could. And I did. I opened a brand new photoshoot rental space called The Luxe Galore (you’ll love it!)

And I didn’t stop there. I wanted more success. I had MORE dreams, not just bigger dreams. That’s when I started my passion project - The Alpha Femme

The Alpha Femme is not just another company I started. It’s a community I built to make more women have access to the support system I didn’t have when I started out. No woman should be denied a chance to be able to ask for business advice when she needs it the most. In my growing years, I felt like a woman who was either taken advantage of or been sidelined in an aggression-ridden, male-dominated industry. And I don’t want you to feel that horrible feeling. It doesn’t go away as quickly. I want you to be able to become whoever you aspire to be. I want you to BE your own boss in a safe space.

So this idea, this mission, drove me to get into the kind of mindset big dreams demand. It was not easy for a girl who begged her mom to drop her out of school to keep breaking her limits like this. But I kept going and I kept growing. I can proudly say that The Alpha Femme has now become the go-to community of so many women like you who are turning their passion into money-making machines. I have helped women scale their businesses and acquire the capital they needed to flourish. I also got featured on Forbes while I built an amazing community for ambitious females in less than 2 years!

Phew! I’m letting that sink in..inside my own head..

And you know what motivates me the most? The freedom to create my own destiny, travel to wherever in the world I want to be, whilst making money. The fact that I DON’T have to trade my time to earn my money is what makes ALL the difference.

If your dreams are like mine, join me on my journey on my personal Instagram and on The Alpha Femme blog. The only place on the internet where you get to hang out with me on a coffee date. And if you’re a boss babe, you’ll love all the merch I created for women like you! Check it out here

I’m always passionate about helping you fulfil your goals and dreams. Send me a DM, ask me anything and I will give you my personal advice so that you can achieve your wildest dreams!

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