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Cold Calling Guide & Tips

Cold calling is still one of the best ways to gain leads or keep the existing ones hooked up, but sometimes it gets overwhelming. You may feel like you’re having the same conversation all over again, and you don’t see the results you were hoping for. Don’t worry, though, we got you covered! 

If you follow these steps, you will start making cold calls that actually bring you results.

1. Make a plan

You need to know how many calls you need to make in order to reach your goal, right? Well for that, you need a little planning. Write down your target, the average deal size, and conversion rate, and try to see how many calls you need to make. 

2. Have a script

A nicely structured script will help you get over the introductions. However, you don’t have to follow it entirely. Some of your prospects may interrupt you with a question, and it’s important to give them your full attention. 

A good script has five parts: introduction, connection, reason, qualification, and question. 

In the introduction, you should tell them who you are and what you do. It’s very straightforward and you may want to keep in short.

The second step is the connection. What made you call? It is one of their recent problems or accomplishments that are related to your activity?

The reason is very easy. Tell them exactly why you are calling, what problem you can solve, and talk a little about additional services, and make a short introduction for the qualification stage.

In order to sound believable, you should talk about a problem your company can solve, how and when they will see results, and show them that you can relate to the situation. 

Finish your speech by asking a question. Something related to their business, to a possible partnership, or simply offer the possibility for your prospect to answer questions. 

3. Get to know your prospect

If they ended up on your list, there are some things you must know about them. Gather all the information, and see how your product or service can help them solve a problem. People won’t lose valuable time on the phone unless they are convinced that it’s worth it.

4. Find the right time to call

Of course, you need to find the best time to call your prospect. Too early in the morning or too late in the evening are definitely a no-go, so that doesn’t leave you with many options. Thinking about the times they may be at work, or having lunch, can get overwhelming. In general, specialists recommend making most of the calls Tuesday and Thursday, between 3 and 5 PM. 

5. Mind your wording

Even though words like “speaking” and “talking” have basically the same meaning, when it comes to cold calling, when the people may not want to talk to you, it’s best to use words that open the conversation. Use “talking to” instead of “speaking to,” to promote a two-way discussion, use the present tense, and don’t try to make everything sound pompous.

6. Use social proof

Social proof is the most important thing in business, and this is a general rule. If the prospect seems uninterested or unsure, try playing the social proof card, and tell them about businesses who succeeded thanks to your efforts. 

7. Avoid potential clauses

You don’t want to ask your prospect how would they feel about your product. Ask them how they feel about it at this time, after they’ve been provided with all the information. 

8. Don’t offer a way out

You don’t want to stay the call by asking “is this a good time?” or “are you available at the moment?” because they will most probably say “no.” Start by engaging them in a conversation, rather than offering the possibility of stopping the call right there.

9. Listen to them

This is the last and most important part. You want to listen to your prospects, hear their opinions, questions, and make it a conversation, not a simple speech. Some of them will be genuinely interested in your business, and you don’t want to lose them.

Does Cold Calling Still Work?

Cold calling is one of the practices that will always work, as long as people use their phones. It’s an easy way to get to know your prospects and allow them to meet you and your company. You can gather valuable information about the things they buy, their ideal products and services, and it will help you create tailored offers for them.

How Long Should A Cold Call Last?

In general, a cold call doesn’t last more than 10 minutes. Sometimes the prospect will hang up in less than two minutes, other times you’ll keep them engaged for over 30 minutes. It all depends on your approach, their interest, the time you’re calling, and on what you are offering. 

As long as you know what they’re looking for, you can personalize the call and stay on top of the situation. 

Keep all this information on hand when you make your cold calling guide, and you’ll see in no time how easy it can actually be!

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